With so many apps, equipment, accessories and gear out there how are you to know what get? Is this the right one for you…mind, body and soul? Depending on your goals here are some ideas to check out and with the holidays upon us, who knows what deals you can get now.


Looking for some help with meditation? Then this might be the new tech for you whether you’re a beginner or expert. Giving you real-time feedback so you can find your Calm by tracking your brain activity, heart rate, breathing and body movement. With the feedback, you’ll now know if you’re doing it right! Get yours here from Amazon:


Get rowing with your personal rowing coach in the comfort of your own home. The on-demand iFit workouts offer interactive training so the trainers adjust your digital resistance as you row through the workout. Smart HD Touchscreen can bring you to the River Thames while your rowing. They also offer a multitude of workouts like yoga, CrossFit, strength training, HIIT and more. Get yours here from Amazon:


“Sunglasses with a soundtrack.” Stream your music, take a phone and protect your eyes from the rays all with one pair of sunglasses. Shatter and scratch resistant, miniaturized Bose speakers, 99% UVA/UVB rays and open-ear speakers so you can listen to your tunes while hearing the world around you.


Style, comfort and all the bells and whistles of technology on your wrist. Counting your calories, distance, heart rate, steps and active minutes, the Fossil Gen 5 is also designed with circular shaped surface which makes it stylish for any outing.  Wanting to make that call or listen to music without your headphones, no problems as the watch comes with it’s own speakers as well.