There’s a lot false information in the fitness market that it’s easy to understand why many people attempting to lose weight end up on overload when they first begin.
Should you do Zumba or spinning classes?
Your knees are hurting but you still run daily since you believe that running burns the most calories.
Women are afraid of weights thinking they they’ll look bulky.
Cardio done with weights will greatly increase your weight loss and also leave you looking superb. There’s a reason the Les Mills Bodypump exercise is prominent throughout the world.
Here’s what you need to recognize:

1.  All types of cardio will aid you to drop weight

It matters not if it’s running, swimming, cycling, rowing, walking or kickboxing. If the activity raises your heart rate for a prolonged duration, it’s cardio in nature. Even when you’re working with weights, you’re raising your heart rate and that activity is cardio nature.

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2. Choosing your cardio routine

So, do not worry regarding the number of calories you’ll burn from the kind of exercise you’re doing. What really matters is that it matches you and what you like doing. If your knees hurt, maybe try swimming laps instead of running. It’s important to keep in mind that the cardio you choose is just to elevate your metabolic rate and get you in your weight loss setting. Your diet regimen will certainly do the rest. If you’re at a caloric deficit, you’ll shed fat regardless or what cardio task you pick.

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3. Do you like what you’re doing?

Here’s something most people fail to recognize — you’re most likely to stick with a task you can do instead of battling an activity you despise (even if you think you’ll lose more weight doing it.) If you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it.  You’re not a hamster, so pick an activity you can enjoy. Maybe group classes appear more enjoyable, so opt for that instead. You can even try a cycling or treadmill class with energetic music to attract you. Do NOT torment yourself with motivational quotes like ‘Go big or go home’ to deceive yourself … or you might find yourself stepping down and just going home. Pick a task you love and if it elevates your heart rate, you’re all set.

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4. High strength VS steady state

Inevitably, the cardio activity you choose should allow you to progress and have the ability to do it at a greater speed.. Much like how you can run, swim or cycle quicker, the routine you choose should allow you to raise your heart rate without it ending up being unsafe. As you get fitter, you’ll require your exercises to be shorter and faster. This will not only imply less time exercising, but you’ll be fitter, more powerful and leaner. Much less is a lot more here. The goal is to always make progress.

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Bare these 4 tips in mind when you’re doing cardio and you’ll be on the right track. Begin with 3 to 4 sessions a week, and as you get fitter the workouts will get shorter and more extreme, 3 sessions a week will suffice.  Just a little reminder — cardio is hard. Regardless of exactly how fit you get, cardio will CONSTANTLY be tough. Know that!

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