Cardio to Lose Weight

There’s a lot false information in the fitness market that it’s easy to understand why many people attempting to lose weight end up on overload when they first begin. Should you do Zumba or spinning classes? Your knees are hurting but you still run daily since you believe that running burns the most calories. Women […]

Not Progressing in Your Fitness Journey

8 Ways to Bust Your Way out of a Fitness Plateau After a month or so of working out, you’ll likely hit a workout plateau and see no progress despite religiously going through the motions of your routine. You might find yourself losing strength and failing to increase reps or weight to your training sets. […]

Are You Over Training

8 Signs You’re Overtraining (OTS) Are you addicted to exercise? University of Birmingham sports psychologist Ian Cockerill says you are if you organize your life around your fitness regimen instead of the other way around. Adult exercises should be moderate in intensity and go at least 1.5 hours every week—or about 30 minutes a day for […]

Weight Loss Motivation ~ How to Find It and How to Keep It Off

Everyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows that the really big issue is motivation – where do we find it, how do we keep it going, and what do we do when it slips! To be successful at losing weight you must find your own motivation. More importantly, you must keep motivated, even […]

Committed to Fitness But Not the Gym?

  Great Ways to Stay Fit at Home No matter who you are or what shape you’re in, your fitness and health are undoubtedly important to you. However, like many others, maybe you’d rather meet your fitness goals without having to go to the gym, especially in times like these! The good news is that […]