10 Reasons Why You Should Make Fitness Your New Year’s Resolution

We all know that the benefits of exercising is that it’s good for us. But this isn’t always enough to get us motivated into actually doing it. If you’re looking for a little inspiration to get started on your new year’s resolution then here are 10 reasons why exercise can improve your life. 1) More […]

Getting Rid of the Christmas Bloat

Need some ideas for getting rid of that food and alcohol bloat thanks to all those Christmas parties. Here’s a few things you can try… Burn it Off Don’t go crazy and do a 2 hour gym sesh, especially with all that Christmas grub and liquid you had the night before. It’ll come out in […]

Tips to Keep Our Health on Track During the Holidays

Thanksgiving is done, Christmas is near, and here we are right in the midst of festivities before the year ends. The temptations and stress that come with the holidays just seem to be the perfect excuse to put aside our healthy habits and celebrate the great food coming our way. However, that doesn’t have to […]

Have No Holiday Fear! Here are 7 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Season of Cheer

The holidays bring more than cheer—they also bring several inches to our waistlines. With everyone spreading joy with baskets of baked goods and sweet treats, there’s just no easy way to stave off those tempting, sugar-laden high-calorie goodies. Nevertheless, we should do our best to stay fit and healthy even if it’s a hundred times […]

Pumpkin Spice is Not for Everyone

OK so pumpkin spice season is officially upon us. What does that mean…here come the memes, the promotions, and all the pumpkin concoctions of recipes, drinks and crafts one can think of. Now for some of us, pumpkin spice is NOT working with our taste buds, so what can we do? 1) Apple Spice Still […]