Not Progressing in Your Diet Journey

11 Tips to Get Over Your Nutrition Plateau Have you stopped losing weight several weeks or months after starting a diet program? Don’t despair—you’ve hit what’s called a plateau in your weight-loss journey. Even serious dieters hit a lull around six months into their low-calorie program, according to experts. Possible Causes Before declaring your chosen […]

The Value of Breakfast ~ What to Eat and Why

Why Breakfast is Still the Day’s Most Essential Meal Amid the popularity of intermittent fasting, discussions have shifted from the debate on whether or not to eat breakfast to talks about food quality. Dietitians agree that what you eat within a few minutes after you wake up is more important than when you eat, although […]

5 Ways To Eat Healthier Even For The Very Busy

It can be a real challenge for busy people to eat healthy and nutritious meals. There is of course the time issue – just not enough time in the day for shopping, preparation, and cooking. This means that busy people often eat ready-made meals, which are high in fat, salt and sugar content. Then there […]

The Truth About Chia Seeds

Chia seeds have been used by mankind for their health benefits for centuries. Both the Mayans and Aztecs have used these seeds in their diets for generations, and today people all around the world are enjoying the various nutrition benefits of chia seeds. Small but powerful, chia seeds are chocked full of vitamins and minerals […]

Show Me the Chocolate

Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate Everybody has a sweet tooth, and chocolate is a no-fail satisfier. Dark high quality chocolate in particular (not your typical Snickers) has several health benefits that make it a bit more justifiable to snack on! For many years, chocolate has been viewed as the ultimate comfort food and it has […]