Roller skatesYes it’s true, I really suck at rollerblading. I had been going out almost everyday for 10 days straight, determined to get this down and make this fun. I grew up rollerskating at The Rink as a kid at a bunch of birthday parties, so this should’ve been no problem…right. WRONG! I was so uncoordinated that I made sure to never leave the sidewalk and always stay close to the grass since I was inevitably going to fall.

So on that 10th day of not giving up and making this a new healthy lifestyle that I can do AND have fun with, I put on those roller blades and headed out on the same sidewalk path to the park around the corner. Well, I was still flailing my legs and arms and fell a couple of times on the grass. As I was rolling back towards home, I heard a siren behind me and then it got really loud until I noticed the police officer was SLOWLY driving up next to me. I stopped (on the grass of course) and he asked me if I would like a ride home. I told him nope, I can do it and I was right around the corner. He said good luck and let me trudge my way home.

Moral of the story is I’m proud of myself for not giving up and trying as hard as I can but it was that day that I realized I SUCK AT ROLLERBLADING.

Guess what though…I still have that pair of roller blades in a box somewhere (6 years later). Haha!