The holidays bring more than cheer—they also bring several inches to our waistlines. With everyone spreading joy with baskets of baked goods and sweet treats, there’s just no easy way to stave off those tempting, sugar-laden high-calorie goodies. Nevertheless, we should do our best to stay fit and healthy even if it’s a hundred times the effort during the holiday season.
Here are 7 ways to stay healthy while enjoying the holidays:

1.     Fill Up Before the Buffet

Unless you’re a teenager with innate calorie-burning powers, don’t starve yourself before going to a buffet party just so you could binge on the entire spread. Fill up with a high-protein snack before attending an event. Protein keeps you full longer so it’ll be easier for you to resist the urge to go through the buffet table several times over.

2.     Think Buff at the Buffet

Buffets are the most popular type of food service during holiday events. It’s as if there’s a conspiracy to make everyone eat much more than usual during the season, but you don’t have to be a victim. Don’t feel compelled to eat every dish on the buffet table. Stay buff by always choosing healthier food options. Most importantly, do your best to steer clear of the dessert table.

3.     Socialize More, Eat Less

Social events and family gatherings are organized so you can catch up on each other’s lives, not catch up on what’s being offered on the table. Focus on your family and friends instead of lingering near the buffet. You can have fun without binging on food.

4.     Stay Hydrated

We’re always told to drink lots of water regardless of the season. However, the holidays give you more reasons to stay hydrated. You’re bound to have drinks with different groups of people several times a week before the year ends. Moreover, holiday cocktails tend to be sweeter because they’re usually made with heavy cream and sweetened juices. Try to have a glass of water between each drink. Drink lots of water too before you go to bed to avoid dry mouth and a hangover the morning after.

5.     Exercise

Don’t skip your daily workout. Get your butt off the bed even if you overindulged the night before. Burn the extra calories you gained by sneaking in some exercise in your daily activities. Take the stairs, or walk a few extra blocks. Just do whatever you can to stay active.

6.     Use Apps

Instead of downloading the latest gaming or streaming apps, get one that tracks your nutrition and fitness activities. Use apps that have food logs, activity trackers, calorie counters, and health alerts. Perhaps one that can alert you to get up for some exercise when you’re about to watch that third movie on Netflix? Yeah, that would be awesome!

7.     Get some ZZZZs

We get it. You’re so popular that you have invites for almost every single day of December, but parties and other events mean staying up late. You know what happens when you deprive yourself of sleep? You gain weight, your brain gets fogged up, your immunity spirals downward, and much more. Just pick and choose the ones which are most important so you still get ample snooze time.

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